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Quinta da Várzea

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Day-to-day management

Anne S. Mikkelsen

Anne S. Mikkelsen is in charge of the day-to-day running of Quinta da Várzea and is also involved in the daily work at Quinta da Várzea. Anne tends to the guests and lends a hand in the stables. Anne speaks Danish, English and some Portuguese.

Fields and stables

Kim Mikkelsen

Kim Mikkelsen is responsible for all work in the fields and helps out in the stables. Kim speaks Danish, English and some Portuguese.


Luis Simões

In the stables, you’ll find Luis Simões. Luis Simões is our competent man in the stables who takes good care of our horses. He is responsible for the welfare of our horses and their diet and feeding requirements, making sure that the horses always have what they need.



This is José.
He is the stable keeper and has been with us for almost 8 years.



Saudade is our excellent chef who is responsible for cooking all your meals at Quinta da Várzea. Saudade has many years of experience in cooking delicious food to please all our guests whatever their age and appetite. Saudade speaks English and Portuguese.


Vítor is our horse-riding instructor specializing in dressage and has a wealth of knowledge of our horses. He helps us break in the young horses. Vítor speaks English and Portuguese.


Tomas works in the stables with the young horses. He speaks Portuguese and English.


Cassie takes care of horses and children at the farm.


Happy has chosen to live with us.
Her job is to care for children because she loves children.

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