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Veludo da Brôa


Sex: Male
Age: 17 Years
Colour: Russian Fur
Height: 1,60 m

A real gem suitable for almost any rider. Well-behaved and always eager to work he is the right partner for an amateur rider, making every day work a real pleasure. He has a confident command of movements: whether half passes, piaffe-passage combinations or flying changes in series, this sweet stallion makes it very easy for his rider.

Skills and Training

– Piaffe 
– Passage
– Hand Passage
– Pirouettes
– Ladeares

Level Prix – G. P.

Veludo has an elaborated training, 6 days a week, taking one day off per week. The day off is given to him in is natural habitat (paddock).

Veludo has a more maintenance training because he is a super taught horse and our daily goal is mainly to keep him in shape for all monthly events.

Blood line


With a strong personality and finesse from the Veiga Line. With an incredible mentality of a warrior, our horse is a great worker, an excellent training horse, because every day he can transmit everything he knows to other amateurs.