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Our Horses

Presenting our stallions and mares

The Lusitano – a precious inheritance of Portugal

New generation Marts-April 2020

Presenting our mares

Zoia (Maria Da Graça F.S. Sousa Vinagre)

Born: 29.03.04

72,5 Points

Guadiana (Arsenio Raposo Cordeiro)

Born: 02.05.11

165 cm

Colour: Grey

Points to be grated

Ulisseia (Arsenio Raposo Cordeiro)

Born: 25.02.01

161 cm

Colour: Grey

76 Point

Ukrania (Arsenio Raposo Cordeiro)

Born: 20.04.01

161 cm

Colour: Grey

73 Points

Airosa (Arsenio Raposo Cordeiro)

Born: 13.02.05

159 cm

Colour: Grey

74 Points

Dançarina (Jose Alberto Pastoria de Azevedo)

Born: 27.01.08

158 cm

Colour: Grey

73 Points

Horse semen for sale

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Quinta da Várzea offers

The best conditions for your horse

We tried to combine the best from both Portugal and Nordic standards regarding horsecare. In co-operation with top external service providers, QDV offers high quality in both facilities, care, training and feeding.

Interested in having your horse at Quinta da Várzea, send us a description of your needs and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Buying a horse at Quinta da Várzea

The dream is alive with many, to own a Lusitano of their very own. While the Lusitano is known for many qualities it’s also a breed that speak to many types of riders and goals. We aim to match the right horse with the right owner. Small, tall, dressage or trail – there is always a Lusitano waiting. You will regularly find horses at Quinta da Varzea for sale, horses that will reflect.   

As we are breeding to preserve this magnificent race, promoting Lusitanos comes natural to us. We work with some of the best breeders and riders in Portugal and are able to match horses and riders throughout our broad network. If you are looking to buy a Lusitano please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance or advice.

If you are buying a horse that was bred and raised at Quinta da Varzea you will receive a full journal for the horses lifetime, consisting of veterinary and descriptive information about the specific horse, including feeding, ferrier/shoeing and all other relevant information about competition performance, grading, approval for breeding etc.

Other horses might not have a journal of such type, but in any case you should always consider the following steps before you set out to find your new horse.

  • Pre-purchase exam 
  • Purchase contract 
  • Transportation (and costs)
  • Trustee for language translation purposes  

If you are coming from outside Portugal or abroad there are steps to consider before you travel to find your new horse, in order to be well prepared for your purchase of a Lusitano. Feel free to ask us anything on your mind and we will be happy to assist you.