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Sex: Male
Age: 9 Years
Colour: Black
Height: 1,66 m

He gathers the baroque typical look of the Lusitano with the extraordinary swing and ground coverage of a sportive horse, perfectly suited for an ambitious rider aiming for the “next level”

Skills and Training

– Piaffe 
– Passage
– Hand Passage
– Pirouettes
– Ladeares

Level Prix – G

Gambuzino has elaborated training, 6 days a week, taking one day off per week. The day off is given to him natural habitat (paddock).

The training consists of physical preparation for the most diverse exercises/events, such as competitions, outings, lessons.

Blood line


A very calm horse that loves to work, walk and learn. He is very curious of new disciplines and a horse that serves for a professional as well as for an beginner.

Cooperative with the rider and a true pleasure to ride. He adapts very easily to the riders profile and has proven to be an excellent partner.

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